President’s Message

At the outset, we feel privileged and proud to serve the entire Middle East as a premier General Construction Contractor & Manpower Supplier.we are very glad and welcome you to view our company’s website which gives you an overview about our organization and handled & completed, and profile of our clientele. Again, surfing our website would also give you vivid picture about our prominent role in the construction industry in the Middle East and saga of our success in achieving our objectives by, “providing high quality service within a reasonable budget, delivery within the stipulated time frame” maintaining highest degree of quality and safety in all out endeavors.IKHGROUPS has rapid, balanced growth and has always maintained a sound financial backup and the company enjoys impeccable corporate reputation. One of the two pillars of IKHGROUPS corporate Philosophy in to follow up and implement the latest state-of-the-art construction technology and the other is our determination to uphold quality and safety throughout execution of the works undertaken.I would like to extend my congratulations and thanks to all loyal IKHGROUPS employees, our clients and our faithful subcontractors, for making IKHGROUPS what it is today.I would like to thank you for visiting our website and solicit your attention to watch out for future updated data and information about IKHGROUPS.

Thank You!

Abdur Rahaman Abdul Aziz Abdullah Al Humam

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